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Struggling To Produce Content? Here’s 3 Ways to “Attract Clients” Without Blogs, Vlogs or Facebook

Hey Stranger!

Have you ever asked random person for their credit card number OVER THE PHONE without them knowing anything about you or your business?

If you haven’t…all good but yeah….It can be pretty daunting.

And i guess that’s why the world of online marketing is so obsessed with this “content first” approach.

Does it just seem safer? More comfortable?

I don’t know, but what i do know is safer/comfortable DOES NOT EQUAL easier!

You probably reading this KNOWING that the “content marketing” struggle is real


Constantly questioning yourself:

  • “What should I say?”
  • “What medium should i use?”
  • “How should i say it without sounding like a self-righteous dick?”
  • “Does anyone even want to learn about this shit??

Look, at the end of the day just stress less.

You can have a very successful business (with a lot of clients) without producing much content at all..

And on the flip side, someone who produces high quality content every day can be completely broke.

It doesn’t matter.

So if you’re stressing about your content (or lack of).. Relax and focus on what’s important.

(like helping more people by getting them to do your coaching programs)

Here’s 3 techniques to get new coaching clients WITHOUT content

  1. Actually go out and offer to help (with minimal risk)
    The most minimal risk is offering to help people for free. This seriously works and remember, it does correlate with what (should be) HIGHEST PRIORITY: helping people.
  2. Provide a solution that they not only want, but can believe in
    The more they believe the more willing they will be to sign up – hence why personal training is so easy to sell and why families find it so difficult to get loved ones to go see a psychologist for example
  3. Speak
    You’ll be forced to come up with content pretty fast if you have to speak to a live audience. get someone that has the ability to easily reach a number of people in your target market, to organise a free seminar.Examples:
    Approach your personal trainer and offer to run a free “secrets of motivation + willpower” seminar
    Approach your local beautician/hairdresser “body image + self-perception” seminar
    Approach your local school and offer to run a free “goal setting or exam performance” seminar



Is this advice enough to get you clients?

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