Australian NLP Coach “Stoked” With “Shitloads Of New Clients”

Australian NLP Coach “Stoked” With “Shitloads Of New Clients”

Australian NLP Coach “Stoked” With “Shitloads Of New Clients”

^^^Most accurate headline i’ve ever written! Haha!

But seriously…

The campaign I created for him just surpassed 1000 new email subscribers.

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 1.51.07 pm


As well as generating 50 strategy calls

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 1.53.07 pm
The result?

$16,000+ of new clients

From $1563 spend.

fb ads success2

The best part about this??

There’s around 1000 people that DIDNT join the coaching program straight away..

Now these people are currently being put through a custom email sequence over the next few weeks to build trust and desire for the product..

So the above profit per lead will only increase as time goes on..

Not bad…

Could be better…

But not too bad!



If you’re interested in learning how to do stuff like this or just want to get more business online, you can request to join the Online Marketing Boardriders fb group. It’s free and everyone in there is super rad!

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Click the picture above to join!

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