How To Turn Fear Into $200,000 (Niyc Pidgeon’s 100day Transformation)

Niyc Pidgeon – Positive Psychologist, International Success Coach & Young Entrepreneur of the Year.  

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Niyc helps women that are struggling with not feeling fulfilled, to overcome low self belief and activate next level breakthroughs in their life and business, allowing them to experience more happiness, growth, and success. 

Her signature 90 Day Master Your Success Mentorship, and Guru Girl Entrepreneur Mastermind combine the power of Positive Psychology with Niyc’s decade of experience of coaching women to create positive change, to produce dramatic and long lasting results.

Listen to the interview below to learn exactly how Niyc made $200k just 100 days after a failed business launch (that only got 1 client!). How did she turn it around? Click below

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